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Connect Anything

ConnectAnyThing helps people prototype connected physical systems of inputs and outputs on the Galileo board without having to write code.

This repo is the front end code of that application. It periodically gets ported over to

For more information about this project, please see

Setup Option 1: Galileo

Near the top of static/js/app.js, set cat.on_hardware = true

Please follow the instructions at

Setup Option 2: Localhost

Though the real purpose of this project is to create interconnected physical systems, which requires the Galileo hardware, during front end development it's helpful to just work using localhost, with test-server.js substituting for the Galileo's web server.


  • node (I am on 0.10.29), nodejs-websocket
  • Python (I am on 2.7.2)


  1. There are some connection settings near the top of static/js/app.js

    1. You should set cat.on_hardware = false
    2. If you just want to test on your local machine, set cat.test_server_url = 'ws://localhost:8001'. If you want other devices to connect to your local machine, set cat.test_server_url = 'ws://:8001', where you can find your machine's local IP address with the ifconfig shell command
  2. In the terminal run: node test-server.js

  3. Simultaneously also run: python -m SimpleHTTPServer

  4. Navigate to http://localhost:8000 or http://:8000 depending on (1)(b). Please note that only Chrome is offically supported.


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