DisCal is a Discord Bot that links up to a Google Calendar to create, delete, edit, and announce events and more!
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About DisCal

Official Website

Trello Board

DisCal is a full featured discord bot that manages a calendar and allows users to create, list, modify, delete, and announce events.

It was built to be powerful yet easy to use! Discord lacks a built in calendar, so we took the chance to make one for you! With DisCal, you can bring your Guild closer together by scheduling events and activities and having DisCal handle all of the hard work!

DisCal is perfect for every guild! Whether you are an RP Guild, Gaming Guild, or community Guild, DisCal was built to be versatile and unique! With DisCal no longer will you need to do any complex scheduling, DisCal handles all of that hard work for you!

DisCal is developed and maintained by NovaFox161 with help from xaanit.

*WIP means "Work in Progress" or is a feature actively in development but not released yet. Features marked as WIP will be available in upcoming updates very soon!

Core Features

  • Create/edit custom calendar.
  • Create/edit/delete/announce complex events.
  • Create/edit/delete custom announcements.
  • Recurring events
  • Easy to learn and use!
  • Simple commands, prefix "!" OR @DisCal
  • Versatile and built for all types of Guilds
  • Super responsive.
  • And much more coming soon!

Additional Features

  • DisCal will automatically post an error report in the official DisCal guild! This way the DisCal development team will be alerted of an issue immediately and can fix it ASAP!!
  • Customizable prefixes.
  • Ability to limit who can control DisCal.
  • Ability to limit what channels DisCal can be used in.
  • Can accept and handle infinite announcements, calendars, and events.
  • Announcements sent to DMs per user per guild.

Planned Features

  • Link up to external calendar (WIP)
  • Multiple calendars (WIP)
  • Web Dashboard to manage DisCal settings! (WIP)
  • More advanced announcements and notification support.
  • And so much more!!!!!

Don't see something you want?? Request it today!! Contact any of the developers or support members and we will happily see what we can do to further improve DisCal!


  1. Fork this repo and make changes in your own copy
  2. Add a test if applicable and run the existing tests with mvn clean test to make sure they pass
  3. Commit your changes and push to your fork git push origin master
  4. Create a new pull request and submit it back to us!


As a calendar bot, DisCal reaches global use, and because of this, DisCal now allows users to select the language they wish to use, however, all of the languages and translations are manually made. So we, this DisCal Development Team, are looking for translators!!

If you are interested in translating DisCal, just follow the format provided in the TEMPLATE LANGUAGE JSON File. and submit a new translation by making adding a new JSON file with the naming scheme LANG_NAME.json (Where "LANG_NAME" is the name of the language you translated it to).


We very much appreciate all of the translations we can get, but please follow the guidelines below so that we may ensure that we have high quality translations.

  1. Please be fluent in the language you are translating to. We will NOT accept any translations that are made through Google Translate.
  2. The general JSON format is "key": "value", which means that the "key" must remain the same in all files, so DO NOT change the key, only the values.
  3. In many files %value% or something similar is seen. These are replacement variables and will never be seen by the user. DO NOT CHANGE THE REPLACERS!
  4. At the beginning of the file, you will see "Language: "LANG_NAME_HERE" Please change LANG_NAME_HERE to the language you are translating the file to!
  5. Please run your translated language file through this Online JSON Parser If you cannot do that, the development team will.
  6. Contact the development team in our Discord guild for any additional help or info.