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High-performance WebTorrent tracker
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High-performance WebTorrent tracker.

WebTorrent tracker is a required component of WebTorrent and P2P Media Loader (peer-to-peer networks for web browsers) to do WebRTC signaling - exchanging connection data (i.e. SDP) between peers - joining them into swarms.


  • hanldes more than 45k WebSocket Secure (HTTPS) peers on a VPS with only 2 GiB memory and 1 virtual CPU thanks to uWebSockets.js I/O backend and perfomance optimizations in the code
  • handles ws:// (HTTP) and wss:// (HTTPS) connections simultaneously
  • IPv4 and IPv6 support
  • robust and well-tested: CI, unit tests, static code analyzis, 100% TypeScript
  • supports tracker "scrape" extension
  • statistics under /stats.json URL

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Build instructions

Node.js 10.x or 11.x is required.

npm install
npm run build

Run instructions

./bin/wt-tracker [config.json]


node dist/run-uws-tracker.js [config.json]


npm start [config.json]


See config.json

Name Type Description
servers.websockets.path string URL pattern for the WebSockets endpoint
servers.websockets.maxPayloadLength number The maximum length of received message
servers.websockets.midleTimeout number The maximum amount of seconds that may pass without sending or getting a message. Being idle for more than this, and the connection is severed.
servers.websockets.compression 0,1,2 0 = no compression, 1 = shared compressor, 2 = dedicated compressor (see details)
tracker.maxOffers number The maximum number of client's WebRTC SDP offers that are processed
tracker.announceInterval number Desired announce interval in seconds required from the clients

Index HTML page

You can specify a content of the index page by creating index.html file in the working directory.

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