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Kepler Beta

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Macroverse's Kepler phase, which adds planets, moons, orbital mechanics, and a new ERC721-compatible registry, has entered open beta.

If you would like to beta-test the next version of Macroverse, please focus on the following areas:

  1. Does the new registry work correctly? It is the hardest component to supersede once deployed, as the contract cannot be replaced with its state intact. Please try to break it as much as possible. Pay specific attention to whether the commit/reveal/claim system can be exploited to front-run claimants, especially in conjunction with the homesteading feature.
  2. Is the Macroverse Real Estate ERC721 token (0xcBcF565DA94e0a15eadbFb1Cca3981c6762bB2B3) compatible with ERC721-using services? Please experiment with and Etherscan's NFT support.
  3. Can the user interface be gotten into a stuck state? Click on everything very rapidly.
  4. Is the user interface discoverable enough that an experienced Ethereum user can use it to explore the world and claim Macroverse virtual real estate?

Please report bugs against either Macroverse itself or the browser-based interface as appropriate.

Please excuse the following known issues:

  1. Because test MRV can be created ex nihilo, it is trivially possible to claim arbitrarily many planets, stars, and moons. Please do not do this; it will cost you a lot of Rinkeby ETH to fill up the Macroverse universe, and you should leave some claimable things for other people.
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