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  1. An Object-Oriented approach to Shiny modules

    R 99 6

  2. YADA Public

    Open-source Data Ops

    Java 79 17

  3. peax Public

    Peax is a tool for interactive visual pattern search and exploration in epigenomic data based on unsupervised representation learning with autoencoders

    Jupyter Notebook 52 11

  4. yap Public

    High throughput, pain-free big data pipelines.

    Python 31 7

  5. Cellxgene Gateway allows you to use the Cellxgene Server provided by the Chan Zuckerberg Institute ( with multiple datasets.

    Python 27 11

  6. pisces Public

    PISCES is a pipeline for rapid transcript quantitation, genetic fingerprinting, and quality control assessment of RNAseq libraries using Salmon.

    Python 18 4


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