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Carvana Image Masking (U-Net)
Webcam_Segmentation (DeepLab-V3+) Update Webcam_Segmentation Sep 3, 2019


1. Semantic Webcam Segmentation using DeepLab-V3+:

If you want to test the webcam application copy the juypter notebook you find in the folder of Webcam-Segmenation of this GitHub repository. Make sure, that the notebook should be inside your cloned DeepLab directory.

You get the DeepLab directory on this link:

When you run it, you can see a real-time segmentation of your webcam.

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2. Carvana Image Masking Challenge: Training U-Net:

First of all you have to download the datasets of the Carvana Challenge:

Make sure, that you have installed all the needed libraries and frameworks like tensorflow-GPU and Keras. For this application, you will need a GPU.

Clone and run the provided Notebook (model_cnn) and train your model.

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