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Novi Builder Plugin for visual jQuery Countdown customization

How to Install

You should follow several simple steps to install this plugin:

  • Copy the novi-plugin-countdown.js file to your path/to/novibuilder/plugins folder.
  • Launch NoviBuilder

What you are able to do

  • Change type of counter (count down or count up);
  • Set time for counter

Developer Settings

  • querySelector — contains a css selector which defines the Plugin container.

How to add Countdown on your page

If your website doesn't contain Countdown follow the instructions below to install it.

Include Countdown files to Website

Copy the "assets/countdown.js" and "assets/countdown.css" to website's JS and CSS folders respectively and include this files to your website.

Add Countdown HTML Layout

Add basic Countdown HTML Layout:

  <div class="countdown novi-countdown" data-type="until" data-time="24 Aug 2017 17:50" data-format="wdhms"></div>

Initialize Countdown

"use strict";

$document.ready(function () {
    var countdown = $(".countdown");
    if (countdown.length) {
        var i;
        for (i = 0; i < countdown.length; i++) {
          var countDownItem = countdown[i],
              d = new Date(),
              type = countDownItem.getAttribute('data-type'),
              time = countDownItem.getAttribute('data-time'),
              format = countDownItem.getAttribute('data-format'),
              settings = [];
          settings[type] = d;
          settings['format'] = format;