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The NoviceDock Wiki

Documentation Directory

This documentation is organized into multiple markdown files. Here we provide a directory of those files, along with a summary of what they are for.

  • Introduction 🚣 - Haven't heard of us? Find out what we're all about.
  • Branding 🐟 - What fonts and colors we use. Also an assets section for publications.
  • Community 🚢 - Get involved with our community, a listing of our most popular communication lines.
  • Contribute 🙋 - Everything you need to know about becoming a mentor and submitting a resource.
  • Jobs 🏡 - We have a small team that does a lot, and are always looking to grow!
  • Syllabus Tutorial 📖 - If you choose to contribute, this will be the next doc you go to, to understand how a NoviceDock syllabus is be written.