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Novicell Frontend

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Novicell Default Frontend package is a framework for your frontend setup. This setup helps developer by automizing frontend workflow using certain technologies like NPM Scripts and Webpack. It includes PostCSS, Stylelint, Webpack, ESLint, Babel, Fractal. When setup, it also helps you optimize images, combine SVGs to a sprite, generate favicons, minifying/optimizing CSS and Javascript.

Table of content


  1. Clone the repo git clone
  2. Run npm install to install all dependencies.
  3. Insert paths/variables to config.js and package.json. Configuration and paths
  4. Run npm run build:dev to build the dist folder with all the minified/optimized files.
  5. Run npm run dev to start watching file changes and continuous copilation.

Configuration and paths

The whole automized build system looks for paths and variables in order to work dynamically with different projects. Therefore, when starting new project edit options in 2 files (they are both in root directory):

  • config.js
  • package.json


const dist = '/dist/'; // /dist by default. Folder where all the built files will go to (minified/optimized/compiled)
const sourceRootFolder = '/src/'; // /src by default. Folder where ATOM modules belong
const modulesDir = '/src/modules/**/*.js'; // Where JavaScript files should be placed. Add CSS files here if you want them as separate bundle
const assetsDir = '/assets/'; // Wheer you keep images, fonts, icons...

Look for "config" field in package.json and fill in:

    "config": {
        "DIST": "dist",
        "CSS_MODULES": "src/modules/*.css"

NPM Scripts

These are most often used scripts:

  • for development: npm run dev and npm run build:dev
  • for production: npm run prod and npm run build:prod

But there are more available in this package (add npm run before script name):

  • fractal - Runs fractal
  • fractal:build - Builds static site
  • clean - Deletes the files/directories defined in: gulp/config.js > pathsToClean
  • fonts - Copies the fonts defined in: config.js to dist
  • images - Minifies images defined in: config.js to dist/images
  • sprites - Minifies all sprites from assets/icons to dist/icons.
  • styles - Minifies/lints and bundles CSS files defined in: src/modules to dist/styles
  • webpack - Minifies/optimizes/lints and bundles JS files defined in: src/modules to dist/scripts
  • watch:styles - Automatically bundles CSS changes while developing
  • watch:webpack - Automatically bundles JS changes while developing
  • deploy - Uploads file via FTP, configuration can be found in gulp/config.js
  • dev - webpack:watch + styles:watch + fractal
  • start - Equal to dev
  • prod - Same as dev but in production (extra optimization) but slower build,
  • fix - Fixes all possible linting for JavaScript
  • buildDrupal - (For drupal projects) Bundles JavaScript and CSS into same location
  • generateFavicon - generates a favicon based on config/favicon/faviconDescription.json settings

Generate component

  1. To allow generating components write: npm link in the root dir. (only have to do it once)
  2. Run
createComponent -t a -n my-component

This example will create files in /src/01-atoms/my-component

Argument Name Type Description
-t Type a/m/o/p Defines the type of your component, this decides where the component is created. a = atom, m = molecule, o = organism, p = page;
-n Name string Sets the filename of the component files, and a capitalized version will be used as title in the config file


If you need more information, we have a Wiki that contains in-depth explanations:


Looking to contribute something? Here's how you can help. Please take a moment to review our contribution guidelines in order to make the contribution process easy and effective for everyone involved.


The Novicell Frontend is licensed under the MIT license. (


Danni Larsen
Danni Larsen

Juozas Rastenis
Juozas Rastenis

Jonas Havmøller
Jonas Havmøller


Henrik Madsen
Henrik Madsen




This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!