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Global dataset of gridded population and GDP (1980-2010 estimations and 2020-2100 scenarios)

This dataset consists of 0.5 × 0.5 degree grids of:

  1. Global population and GDP estimations for years 1980-2010 created by downscaling actual populations and GDPs by country
  2. Global population and GDP projections for years 2020-2100 created by downscaling projected populations and GDPs under three shared socioeconomic pathways (SSP): SSP1; SSP2; and SSP3 (source: SSP database version 1)

The dataset is modified Global dataset of gridded population and GDP scenarios, version 3. While the original dataset is a shapefile of 0.5 × 0.5 degree grids masked by countries, the new one contains a regular grid in form of a vector (.gpkg) and raster (.tif) files.


The files below includes gridded populations (unit: millions) and GDPs (unit: PPP, Billion US$2005/yr) for years 1980-2100. Values from 1980-2010 were estimated by downscaling country-level data, while those in 2020-2100 are estimated by downscaling country-level data from SSP1, SSP2, and SSP3 scenarios. Names of the columns or files indicate the variables: p_1980 to p_2010 - estimations of populations; g_1980 to g_2010 - estimations of GDPs; p1_2020, p2_2020, p3_2020 - projections of populations under SSP1, SSP2, and SSP3 scenarios, respectively; g1_2020, g2_2020, g3_2020 - projections of GDPs under SSP1, SSP2, and SSP3 scenarios, respectively.

  • Vector data - one .gpkg file containing all the data
  • Raster data - 62 .tif files for each year, variable, and scenario

Data is also available as raster objects in the popgrids R package -


Downloading and reprocessing of the original data can be reproduced with the use of R scripts:

  • R/01_data_download.R - downloads the original data.
  • R/02_regular_grid_recalculate.R - joins the original vector and text files, and recalculates population and GDP values into a regular vector grid.
  • R/03_rasterization.R - rasterize the data from a regular vector grid into .tif files.



Global dataset of gridded population and GDP (1980-2010 estimations and 2020-2100 scenarios)



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