Simple and free FTP(S) syncing (SFTP not available)
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Addon for Sublime Text 2 and Sublime Text 3

No longer maintained

Unofortunately no longer have time to continue with fixes and improvements :( I hope it will still be a bit useful. The plugin will continue to be free to use. If someone wishes to continue with development feel free to remove this message

Simple and free plugin for FTP synchronization. Just hit the save as usual and it's upped.

What's there for you?

  • Multiple named upload targets
  • Ignored file regex patterns
  • Secure transfer using TLS
  • Downloading via temporary file (better stability)
  • Determining newer remote files, overwrite protection
  • Manual multiple file & folder up/downloading (sidebar context menu)
  • Multithreaded uploading and downloading
  • Local&remote renaming and deleting
  • Progress bar for multiple up/download
  • Remote browsing and manipulating via file list

For more info look into Wiki

How to use

To mark a folder and descendants for upload insert ftpsync.settings file in following format. Don't worry - the skeleton can be simply inserted using Preferences > Package Settings > FTPSync > Setup FTPSync in this folder or using context menu in Side bar or using Control/CMD+Shift+P.

Sample settings file with minimum of options: ( does not contain all options )

    'primary': {
        host: '',
        username: 'johnsmith',
        password: 'secretpassword',
        path: '/www/',

        upload_on_save: true,
        tls: true

Set password to null (don't use quotes) if you do not want to store password in a file and set in manually (FTPSync will request the password in such case).

All connection settings »

Files are automatically uploaded on save (unless disabled by upload_on_save=false setting). In your newly created settings file some options are preceded with //, this means they are commented out (and default value from global settings file is used) - remove the // to enable the entry.

Drawbacks and notes

  • SFTP is not supported at the moment and is not planned in near future (you can use SFTP or Mote plugins)
  • SSL/TLS is not supported for servers that enforce SSL_REUSE (encryption support will hopefully increase in future)
  • Does not support continuous watching and syncing, only (after) manual action
  • Does not support proxy connections
  • Does not support remote diff at the moment
  • Does not support special characters in remote path at the moment


Done by Jiří @NoxArt Petruželka ~ Twitter

Released under MIT licence.

Thank you for the financial support!

Feel free to add issues, ideas, pull requests...

Thanks to thecotne, castus, tommymarshall, TotallyInformation, saiori, vnabet, Jcrs, ItayXD, bibimij, digitalmaster, alfaex, seyDoggy, Nuno, mikedoug, stevether, zaus, noAlvaro, zofie86, fma965, PixelVibe, Kaisercraft, benkaiser, anupdebnath, sy4mil, leek, surfac, mitsurugi, MonoSnippets, Zegnat, cwhittl, shadowsdweller, adiulici01, tablatronix, bllim, Imaulle, friskfly, lysenkobv, nosfan1019, smoochieboochies, Dmitry Loktev, fedesilvaponte, fedegonzaleznavarro, camilstaps, maknapp, certainlyakey, victorhqc, eniocarv, molokoloco, tq0fqeu, Arachnoid, ahgood, SourceR85, nirajaryal, Stock-webdesign, chachan, webattitude, VarinderS, Gadoma, pnukeid, patatjenl, ridethepinguin, Kovas, giolvani, superDuperCyberTechno, druellan, StuartMorris0, adisos, marcoflorian, MartinBucko for reporting issues, ideas and fixing!


  • Set key bindings (hotkeys) for frequent actions you use

Please edit only Key Bindings - User, open using: Preferences > Package Control > FTPSync > Key Bindings - User You can use the contents of Key Bindings - Default as a template and copy it there. If you edit Key Bindings - Default (either Sublime's or FTPSync's), your changes will be lost on update. More info

  • Renaming and deleting

Please keep in mind that for deleting and renaming on server you need to use FTPSync > Rename respectively FTPSync > Delete features, not those in Sublime Text 2 or SideBarEnhancements.

  • Working from more places? Or in team?

You can either use download_on_open=true to check files upon openning or FTPSync: Check current file command to see whether you have the same version as is on all servers. Using overwrite_newer_prevention is also recommended (it's actually enabled by default).

  • Upload different language versions to different servers of paths e.g.

          "<connection_name>": {
              "host": "",
              "ignore": "/locale/(?!fr)\\w+/.*"
          "<connection2_name>": {
              "host": "",
              "ignore": "/locale/(?!cz)\\w+/.*"
  • Using file compilation? Want to upload as well?

You can use after_save_watch option to setup files to be watched for change after uploading on save. Learn how to use in Wiki.