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Upload proccess seems not to be uploading #37

noAlvaro opened this Issue Nov 1, 2012 · 3 comments

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noAlvaro commented Nov 1, 2012

Right clicking on file - folder FTPSync setup done accordingly - and hitting "upload" option on context FTPSync menu seems to be uploading, but when I go to server file stills like the old one.

What could be happening?

There's the console log:

FTPSync > Loading config: cache hit (key: /Users/noAlvaro/Documents/Sublime Text/mySite/css/text-markup.css)
FTPSync > Checking {text-markup.css} if up-to-date
FTPSync > Loading config: cache hit (key: /Users/noAlvaro/Documents/Sublime Text/mySite/css/text-markup.css)
FTPSync [default] > Connected to: (timeout: 30) (key: 000000)
FTPSync [default] > Logged in as: mySite (using password: YES)
FTPSync [default] > uploaded {text-markup.css}
FTPSync [default] > closed

Thanks for helping!

NoxArt commented Nov 1, 2012

Hi, sorry you're having troubles :(. Hmm, either there is no error reported (weird) or is caught and handled improperly ... I'll take a look into it, thank you for your patience.
Btw. please check if there isn't an issue with cache (for example in your browser or application, perhaps try to download it somewhere else using a different FTP client), thank you

noAlvaro commented Nov 1, 2012

Thank for fast replying, @NoxArt.

I manage to get it working by changing the "path" parameter to match inside the folder. Seems like this parameter is relative to the project root folder, right? I was setting it to the root of the folder I clicked to setup FTPSync into (actualy a project subfolder), so it wasn't working... but wasn't throwing any error also.

But that's it, thank you again.

@noAlvaro noAlvaro closed this Nov 1, 2012
NoxArt commented Nov 1, 2012

The "path" parameter is a path from server's root. That is - if you open a standalone FTP Client and connect to your server, then the path that would lead you to your project's root - that can be /www/ etc.
Also on web hostings where root folder = subdomain you usually need to add this.

FTPSync can determine where the project's settings file is (see's-upload-works *), but it cannot know where its remote counterpart is on the server.

I will try to improve the description and will take a look if I can improve the detection (although I have little time to spare now).

Glad it works for you now, hope you won't run into any more issues.

*) Althought I doubt that many people will use more settings files for a single project as described in the link, the possibility is there. The mechanism is no different for a single file, don't let that confuse you.

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