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Tiny plugin for opening links and web searching
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Tiny Sublime Text 2 plugin for opening links in selected text.

Simply select any portion of text and LinkOpener will open all links inside with protocols http, https, ftp or starting with www. in your default browser. Supports multiple selection.

Added web search

  • supports multiple selection
  • by default uses Google
  • edit your User settings to set a different engine or adjust Google's URL (use %s in the place of searched term)

Commands for adding key bindings:

  • link_opener_search_term
  • link_opener_open_url
  • link_opener_select_next_url
  • link_opener_select_all_urls

(no arguments needed)

Released under MIT licence.

Feel free to add issues, ideas, pull requests...

Thanks danio for a fix #1.


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