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Welcome to the AtlasOS Readme!

AtlasOS is a multi-process capable DCPU-16 Operating System. Below is detailed our feature list and planned features. The beginnings of a tutorial are on the Getting Started page.

AtlasOS Features

  • Cooperative multitasking
  • Loading and killing of processes
  • Application accessible API
  • Paged memory allocation / freeing
  • Keyboard support (kernel level driver)
  • ASCII-capable graphic routines
  • AtlasShell
  • Virtual filesystem
  • Keyboard and screen exclusivity for processes

Planned features

  • Interrupt-based multitasking
  • Improved graphics library
  • Big memory allocations (not only 1024 words)
  • Real filesystem using FDD controller

AtlasShell Commands

  • clear - clears the screen and shows the prompt
  • version - displays the AtlasShell version. Syntax: version [os]
  • list - displays the list of process IDs
  • load - loads a new process into memory (loads demo process right now)
  • kill - halts a running process. Syntax: kill [list|procID]
  • cd - change directory
  • ls - list directory contents
  • cat - prints the file contents to the screen

If anyone has any issues please submit to the tracker. Thanks!