The simple text RPG Pimiko, for the Processing framework.
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The simple Delmuncorp DM-82 ("PC-8801") text RPG Pimiko, for the Processing framework. Originally it functioned as a 3-hour project to help me teach myself how to program games, but I no longer recommend using this repository to help yourself learn Processing as of commit fbe46cd. Instead, follow my Mimiho project, which includes more of what a game programmer might want and less of what they might not.

You can still play and enjoy the game (and its code) as a relic of DelmunSoft history!


  • If you're just playing the game, you should get the latest version of Java (Java 8 as of this writing).

  • If you're playing with the code, you need to get the minim library from the contribution manager inside of the Processing IDE (go to Tools > Add Tool... and switch to the library tab):

alt text


  • January 2012: Pimiko II is originally a minigame inside of my first public game, Hell Diary
  • December 2013: First version of Pimiko, a primitive command-line based "original" made in pure Ruby over 3 days and packaged as an executable with OCRA
  • December 2015: Pimiko is remade for Processing in 3 hours, completely from scratch
  • February 2016: The processing version is uploaded to Github
  • December 2017: Pimiko Plus, an unrelated game with a similarly simplistic set of ideas, is released on Steam

Some Extension Ideas

  • Create an inventory system!
  • Use a 2D dungeon with dynamic monster positions (you can move around... and they can too!)
  • Create an equipment or skills system!