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Backend library for SlickBoard - An open source forum software.
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Continued development at:

Slick Board's Backend Library

A forum backend library, as seen in Slibk Board - my forum software. You can either build on this library yourself, or choose to continue building on the whole forum software I'm developing.

Currently this library is under heavily development, and it's not recommended to relay on it, as lots of stuff is going to change. This is also a way for me to expand on my programming knowledge/skills, and knowledge/efficiency with tools to assist me in the job.

The goal for this project is to create a simplistic, but functional and stable forum software that people can use if they want to.


  • Theme Engine
  • Language System
  • Plugin Support
  • Basic Forum Functionality
  • Integration with existing solutions
  • Migration from existing solutions

If you wish to read more about the functionality; you should head over the documentation. Everything about the project, and it's functionality is explained in details there.

Note that this README might contain inaccurate information! Due to the project being under heavily development.

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