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Not so Common Desktop Environment (NsCDE) 1.3

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@NsCDE NsCDE released this 08 Oct 15:20
· 522 commits to master since this release

This release contains improvements, bugfixes and new features.
New additions are:

  • Graphical Workspace Manager (GWM) as on Solaris CDE (call it with
  • GWM and GlobalPager configuration is now autogenerated and controled
    from WSM.conf. GlobalPager is now GWMPager
  • CSS templates for NsCDE/CDE integration of the Firefox 7x, 8x and 9x
  • CSS templates for NsCDE/CDE integration of the Thunderbird
  • Remember reboot/shutdown/suspend/logout actions
  • FVWM per-monitor and share multi monitor mode different backdrops on
    different monitors support
  • Occupy Workspace and Page has now 3rd mode of operation: Monitor
  • Configurable LocalPager and GlobalPager dissapear timeout in NscDE.conf
  • Style Manager now includes icon for Workspaces and Pages Style Manager
  • Added optonal screenshot of screen or screen area if xclip is installed
  • Cleaned Front Panel Subpanels
  • More default app and MIME support added

Apart from new features and additions, there are some first setup, Workspace
Manager hardenings, which enabled proper initial locale setting of workspace
names, and does not depend on existance of WSP entries in WSM.conf.

See ChangeLog or "git log" for a complete list of changes.