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Not so Common Desktop Environment (NsCDE) 2.2

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@NsCDE NsCDE released this 24 Jul 17:11
· 136 commits to master since this release

This release adds some features, 3rd party integrations, fixes bugs
etc. Highlights are:

  • Add kcalc colors tom match dtcalc (colormgr.local)
  • Fix rofi and dunst themes to work with new versions of programs
  • NsCDE .desktop files renamed to conform to standards
  • Front Panel on top of the screen possibility implemented. This
    can be achieved with "InfoStoreAdd 1" in
  • Icon theme updates
  • CSS: support firefox 100+
  • Consolidate GTK2 and GTK3 engine css files, add some fixes
    and match colors more correctly
  • Added Common User Access (CUA) key bindings. This is now
    default key binding set in NsCDE. Old key bindings scheme
    now called "nscde1x" can be used in ~/.NsCDE/NsCDE.conf
    with the "InfoStoreAdd kbd_bind_set nscde1x" - this can also
    be configured now with Keyboard Style Manager
  • Keyboard Style Manager addons, Mouse Style Manager fixes
  • Building: add --with-python-shebang="STRING" in configure
    to allow user to override strange alternatives managers on
    some systems
  • Reorganize f_PolkitAgent to be more portable and stable
  • Kvantum: Reshape in more Motif style Qt5 Combo Box
  • More Firefox CSS updates
  • Documentation updates for all of the above