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#Welcome to Dunshire Dunshire is a text- and turn-based RPG game where players develop a character, slay monsters and level up so they can... slay bigger monsters. You can check it out here.

###What is Dunshire?

When I was in middle school, I started a BBS with a buddy of mine in part so we could play and control our own game of Legend of the Red Dragon, which was arguably the most popular RPG door game of its era. "LORD" was... well, amazing, and was a part of what got me fascinated with computers early in life. LORD led to our BBS, which got me into basic programming and design, which I have now managed to make a career from.

LORD, like the BBSes it ran on, is long-gone. You can find it on some niche websites running weird Java applets, but it's mostly been forgotten - except by the uber-nerds who obsessed over it back in the day. In looking for my first big Meteor project to work on, I decided to write a "LORD for the web era" that I could play with again. Meteor has made this significantly easier than it would be (for me) otherwise, with built-in account management and MongoDB services.

This is very much a WIP. Comments/feedback are welcome.

###Why "Dunshire"

Because this is pretty much my wife's reaction too.

###Most recent additions 12/20:

  • User profiles between web and Slack versions are now unified, and both game versions point to the same DB, meaning that sweet, sweet dual-platform Dunquest is almost a reality
  • Squashed bugs


  • Added gameplay through level 5
  • Improved account setup structure
  • Removed autopublish and insecure. Removing the former required some changes, namely adding some Meteor.calls to check some collections serverside for stuff like sending drinks/bank. I'm sure there's a way to just set up the subscriptions differently instead, but this seemed easier.
  • Added "fortune" gameplay concepts - making day-to-day battles marginally more uncertain, and adding meaning to the user Luck attribute
  • Upgraded whole user database structure to make it easier to track/remove inactive accounts
  • More player interaction: can send drinks/messages back and forth at Tavern, turn-based fighting
  • Greater support for magic battles; magic tends to unbalance RPG games pretty easily, so trying to limit this
  • (Lots of) bug fixes

###To do next

  • Adding gameplay levels
  • Several ideas for adding player interaction
  • Extra gameplay threads