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Larpwriter Toolkit NIMS is a larpwriter software for rich backstory LARPs. Also this repo contains derivative projects: Measurelook - scientific measures storing and visualizing, Vampire the Masquerade character list and other.
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This repo contains sources of larpwriter toolkit NIMS project (frontend, core, BUT NOT server) and derivative projects:

  1. Larpwriter toolkit NIMS - larpwriter software for writing rich backstory LARPs. README RU, README EN, Geektimes post RU
  2. Vampire The Masquerade character sheet - interactive web page with charlist. YouTube Demo RU
  3. Measurelook - scientific measures data storing and visualization. README RU, README EN, habrahabr post RU
  4. Deus Ex Shop - Shop system for Deus Ex Machina LARP with was in 2017 near Moscow. YouTube Demo RU, YouTube Demo EN
  5. Watches - information system for city game wathes in 2017 year. YouTube Demo RU

How to build projects RU

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