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View experiments (README RUS)

When performing scientific research it is necessary to preserve the data of the computational experiments carried out. The naive approach is to save all information in an unstructured text file. This approach has many shortcomings:

  • To understand what is contained in the file, it must be explicitly read
  • non-fixed file format increases the access time to information
  • the data in the file requires post-processing for both visualization and any other purposes

To solve these problems, a special file format and visualization mechanism was developed.

Measurelook format

The results of the experiment are saved in the JSON file in the following format (version 0.3.0):

  • meta, object - description of the experiment in an arbitrary format.
  • constantParams, array - array of unchanged parameters of the algorithm
    • name, string - name of the parameter
    • units, string - units of measurement of the parameter
    • value, number or string - the value of the constant
  • changedParams, array - array of changed algorithm parameters
    • name, string - name of the parameter
    • units, string - units of measurement of the parameter
  • measuredParams, array - array of measured parameters of the algorithm
    • name, string - name of the parameter
    • units, string - units of measurement of the parameter
    • The fixed (direct) parameter
      • type, "direct" - fixed (direct) parameter, actually measured parameter
    • Indirect parameter
      • type, "indirect" - an indirect parameter that is the sum of several direct parameters
      • sumOf, array of strings - names of direct parameters
  • measures, object - data for each dimension. Store by measureKey (see example)
    • measureKey, string - the unique key of each measurement. It is recommended to build it as a set of all parameters to be changed + pass number.
    • passId, number - pass number
    •, number - the values ​​of all the changed parameters, fixed for the run time
    •, number - the values ​​of all the measured parameters received during the run
    • raw, object - arbitrary data about the pass that you want to save. For example, in the future to recheck the values ​​of the measured parameters
  • version, string - version of the format. The system has a built-in migrator that automatically updates files from the old format to the new one to ensure backward compatibility.
  • name, string - experiment name. Added in format but not used in this moment.
  • timestamp, string - time of the experiment. You can specify it in free form. Added in format but not used in this moment.

Example file

Measurelook preview

For files of the specified type, the viewer is designed in the form of an interactive web page. Use - open app.html in the browser.

Attention! At the moment, only one variable is supported by the visualizer.

Complete with the visualizer is the base with the results of the experiment, which illustrates the main viewing functions.

To download your data, click the "Download a database from a file" button in the upper right corner of the program.

When you download the database will be updated with the migrator to the current format, if necessary. After the migrator, the database is validated using the JSON schema. If an error is detected, an error message will be displayed. Since a lot can be found in the error database, they are all displayed in the browser console in the current implementation.


You can run examples of computational experiments that return the result in the Measurelook format. Use - open example.html in your browser and follow the instructions.


Lazy option - open Measurelook from my site

Standalone version - download the release, unpack, run app.html


Q: What is the backend used?

A: The backend is not used. In this case, the backend is a JSON object in memory, and DBMS is the interface for interacting with it.


Measurelook is a JSON format for storing and quick visualization of computational experiments data. You can visualize your experimnts data in viewer








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