A partial list of DKAN sites around the world
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DKAN sites

A partial list of DKAN sites around the world. Please feel free to submit an issue in order to add others you know of that are not on this list.


Organization URL
United Nations (Open Data System Inventory) unog.ch/web/hlcm/inventory
The World Bank climatesmartplanning.org
Votes Without Violence voteswithoutviolence.org

United States of America

Organization URL
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (USA) healthdata.gov
National Democratic Institute nditech.org/project/dkan
USDA National Agricultural Library data.nal.usda.gov
California data.ca.gov
Oklahoma data.ok.gov
North Dakota gishubdata.nd.gov/
Georgia (Governor's Office of Student Achievement) schoolgrades.ga.gov
Nebraska www.nebraskamap.gov/
Louisville, KY data.louisvilleky.gov
OpenOakland data.openoakland.org
San Diego, CA data.sandiego.gov


Organization URL
Cambridgeshire, UK opendata.cambridgeshireinsight.org.uk
Marine Scotland, UK marinedata.scotland.gov.uk
Detail Data Northern Ireland, UK data.nicva.org
UK Financial Conduct Authority Internal site - no public access
Bank of England Internal site - no public access
Bonn, Germany opendata.bonn.de
Cologne, Germany offenedaten-koeln.de
Dusseldorf, Germany offenedaten-duesseldorf.de
Mannheim, Germany opendata.mannheim.de
Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany geo.muelheim-ruhr.de
Bielefeld University, Germany dszbo-portal.uni-bielefeld.de
Wuppertal, Germany offenedaten-wuppertal.de
RNV, Germany opendata.rnv-online.de
KDZV Frechen Rhein Erft Rur, Germany offenedaten.kdvz-frechen.de/
Montpellier, France data.montpellier3m.fr/
Italy dati.gov.it
Genova, Italy dati.comune.genova.it/
Pompeii, Italy open.pompeiisites.org
Formia, Italy dati.comune.formia.lt.it
Torino, Italy aperto.comune.torino.it
Confiscati Bene, Italy http://www.confiscatibene.it/
Donneche Contano, Italy http://donnechecontano.it/
Data Hub, Hungary http://data-hub.hu/
Ministry of Finance, Czech Republic data.mfcr.cz
Ministry of Defence, Czech Republic data.army.cz
Ministry of Regional Development, Czech Republic data.mmr.cz
Czech Telecommunications Office, Czech Republic data.ctu.cz
Děčín Municipality, Czech Republic data.mmdecin.cz
Opava Municipality, Czech Republic kod.opava-city.cz
Decentralised Administration of Crete, Greece apdkritis.gov.gr/en
Bosnia and Herzegovina opendata.ba
Belarus opendata.by
Ukraine data.gov.ua
Russia data.gov.ru
Moscow Region, Russia data.mosreg.ru
Instituto Politécnico de Bragança, Portugal Observatorio TTM

Asia and Oceania

Organization URL
Saudi Arabia data.gov.sa
Transport for New South Wales, Australia opendata.transport.nsw.gov.au
Maps and Data, Cape York, Australia maps.capeyorknrm.com.au
G0V, Taiwan data.g0v.tw
Ikoma, Japan data.code4ikoma.org
Kyoto, Japan data.city.kyoto.lg.jp/
Urban Data Challenge, Japan udct-data.aigid.jp
Banda Aceh City Council, Indonesia data.bandaacehkota.go.id/
Gerakan Anti Corruption Project, Indonesia data.gerakaceh.id/
Hutanriau, Indonesia hutanriau.org


Organization URL
Jamaica data.gov.jm
Puerto Rico abrepr.org
El Salvador datoselsalvador.org
Buenos Aires, Argentina dkan.puertasdebuenosaires.com
Rosario, Argentina datos.rosario.gob.ar
IT PAMI, Argentina it.pami.org.ar
Bogotá Secretariat of Culture, Recreation, and Sport, Colombia sispru.scrd.gov.co/siscred/dataset
Narino, Colombia datos.narino.gov.co/
IMSS, Mexico datos.imss.gob.mx
CONCYTEC, Peru datos.concytec.gob.pe
Ministry of Education, Peru datos.minedu.gob.pe
Ministry of Health, Peru datos.minsa.gob.pe
National Jury of Elections, Peru jnedatosabiertos.pe
Ministry of Labor, Peru datos.trabajo.gob.pe
Open Data Windsor Essex, Canada odwe.ca
City of Fredericton, Canada http://data.fredericton.ca/


Organization URL
Pan-Africa Network for Agricultural Transformation in Africa
Sierra Leone opendata.gov.sl
Nigeria dataportal.visualdata.com.ng
Ghana data.gov.gh
Namibia namopendata.com
South Africa data.gov.za
Local Development Research Initiative, Kenya transformagriculture.org
Sayada, Tunisia opendata.sayada.tn/fr