Install.ps1 doesn't run in VS2015 even if project is non-transitive #1245

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  1. Create a standard c# classlibrary
  2. Add the NUnit Test Adapter (
  3. Look at the properties for the references nunit.core, nunit.core.interfaces and nunit.util. All of these should have CopyLocal= false
    This is done in the install.ps1 script in the package. It runs fine in VS2013 with Nuget 2.8, but not in VS2015 with Nuget 3.1.60724.766

NuGet 3.1.60724.766 definitely runs install.ps1 scripts when using packages.config

Can you please verify the content and debug the install.ps1 script(s?) in the packages.

Things that might be the culprits:

  1. Order dependency of scripts across packages.
  2. Dependency on reflection or internal APIs either in Visual Studio or NuGet?
  3. Depending on deprecated DTE or dlls from visual studio?

If you can confirm the scripts actually don't run, we will gladly take a look. Its that they work with any other package.


Thanks, good to hear install.ps1 is working.
It can be that we call something that is no longer present, (2 above).
This is the script:
param($installPath, $toolsPath, $package, $project)
$asms = $package.AssemblyReferences | %{$_.Name}
foreach ($reference in $project.Object.References)
if ($asms -contains $reference.Name + ".dll")
if ($reference.Name -ne "nunit.framework")
$reference.CopyLocal = $false;

Debugging it I see that the $package.AssemblyReferences is empty. Since this is something that comes from Nuget, I assume it should contain something ? In 2.8 it contains the actual referenced assemblies.

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Cool, that makes much more sense. I think $package is missing this information.

I suggest either fixing it by directly finding the specific reference in the project instead of using the assemblies in the package (so it works in all versions of NuGet). I understand this makes the script less generic, but it will make users work with any version of nuget on the box.

At the same time we will make sure this property is restored. Will start investigating this asap.

Thanks for working with us on this!

I think an alternate solution that would work for project.json would be to use targets (this wont work for aspnet5 though).
I'm going to

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