Push command doesn't resolve credentials from config #1248

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The PushCommand method ResolveSource resolves the push source specified, but then returns the source as a string, instead of an object with the credentials.

This results in the push command failing (at least against a V3 authenticated endpoint with a v2 PackagePublish service in the service index).



Note: May be similar to the auth issues with list in #1229.

@yishaigalatzer yishaigalatzer added this to the 3.2.0-commandline milestone Aug 25, 2015

@zarenner a work around for now (if we can't fit it in to 3.2) is to publish the V2 push end point on your server directly.


Thanks @yishaigalatzer, that's what I've been doing and it works.

@deepakaravindr deepakaravindr added a commit to NuGetArchive/NuGet.PackageManagement that referenced this issue Aug 25, 2015
@deepakaravindr deepakaravindr Part of a fix for NuGet/Home#1248
Added a lot of tests to cover the following scenarios

1. API v3 index without push endpoint
2. API v3 index not available
3. APIKey for push is provided as a switch
4. APIKey for push is provided via config
5. DefaultPushSource is specified via config

Scenario 1 and 4 failed. Fixed them

I'd really like to get this into 3.2. Let me know if I can help in any way.


@feiling is supposed to check it in today. You can party on the PR and test the build once its out

feiling commented Aug 26, 2015

With Deepaks's fixes and my fix of #1216, pushing to authenticated v3 feed is now supported.

@feiling feiling closed this Aug 26, 2015
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