Pack target appends PackageVersion property with VersionSuffix #4324

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Install NuGet 4.0.0-rc3
Create a csproj with these settings


Execute both msbuild /t:GenerateNuspec and msbuild /t:Pack

I would have expected the explicit value of PackageVersion to override the VersionPrefix/VersionSuffix values. Both the generated .nuspec file and the packaged .nupkg file are created with the version = "1.2.0".

Generated nuspec (in obj/ folder) has version = 1.2.0, but the nupkg will be version = 1.2.0-rtm-build001

More details
We are trying to produce packages using Microsoft.NET.Sdk that will have the AssemblyInformationalVersionAttribute set to include a build number (1.2.0-rtm-build001), but want the package version to exclude the version suffix.

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