2 Factor Auth on NuGet.org

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Status: Incubation


The work for this feature and the discussion around the spec is tracked here - 2Factor Auth on NuGet Gallery #3252


NuGet.org accounts are currently secured by a simple username/password combo or linked to a Microsoft Account that is similarly protected. We want to make it harder to compromise these accounts by requiring mandatory two factor authentication on accounts linked to NuGet.org

Who is the customer?

All NuGet package authors and the community who will be protected by a more enhanced layer of security for public NuGet.org packages

Key Scenarios

The key scenarios we want to enable are given below:

  • NuGet.org only supports sign-in through Microsoft Accounts (or possibly GitHub) secured that are secured via 2-FA.
  • NuGet package authors belonging to Organizations with AAD can authenticate on NuGet.org via their AAD instance. These AAD instances need to have 2 FA enabled on them. Eg. MSFT packages require mandatory sign-in through secured @microsoft.com accounts federated through Microsoft Organization on AAD similar to our admin accounts.

[Open] How does authentication work for existing team alias logins? How do we migrate such accounts?


More info coming soon.

Personal NuGet.org accounts

Current thinking is that we will deprecate NuGet.org accounts not linked to Microsoft Accounts and require authentication to NuGet.org accounts via Microsoft Accounts that are secured by 2 FA. We will prevent Microsoft Accounts being linked that are not secured by 2 FA.

In addition to this, we will consider adding more authentication providers like GitHub and Twitter in the future that are constrained by the principle outlined above.

Organization Accounts

Users can choose to authenticate to NuGet.org using their work accounts provided these are federated to Microsoft AAD secured by 2 FA.