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  1. Each job would be an exe with 2 main classes Program and Job
  2. Program.Main should simply do the following and nothing more

    var job = new Job();
    JobRunner.Run(job, args).Wait();
  3. Job class must inherit NuGet.Jobs.Common.JobBase and implement abstract methods Init and Run

  4. An IDictionary<string, string> is passed to Init for the job to initialize the member variables
  5. Edit the project file on a new job and always set <DefineConstants>TRACE</DefineConstants> irrespective of configuration
  6. Also, add a post-build event command line:

    move /y App.config <jobName\>.exe.config
  7. Also, add settings.job file to mark the job as singleton, if the job will be run as a webjob, and it be a continuously running singleton

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