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echo Configuring IIS logging
rem The set of fields that will be logged by IIS
SET logfields=Date,Time,UserName,ServerIP,Method,UriStem,UriQuery,HttpStatus,Win32Status,TimeTaken,ServerPort,UserAgent,Referer,HttpSubStatus
rem The appcmd executable
SET appcmd=%windir%\system32\inetsrv\appcmd
rem Retrieve all the sites, /xml flag allows output to be piped to next command
SET getallsites=%appcmd% list sites /xml
rem Set the logging fields for each site in the xml input (triggered by /in flag)
SET setlogging=%appcmd% set site /in /logFile.logExtFileFlags:%logfields%
rem Look for the string that indicates logging fields were set
SET checkforsuccess=find "SITE object"
%getallsites% | %setlogging% | %checkforsuccess%
IF NOT ERRORLEVEL 1 goto configlogdone
echo No site found, waiting 10 secs before retry... >> output.log
TIMEOUT 10 > nul
goto configlogstart
echo Done configuring IIS logging >> output.log
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