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<section class="featured">
<h1>Jump Start Your Projects with NuGet</h1>
<p >NuGet is a Visual Studio extension that makes it easy to install and update third-party libraries and tools in Visual Studio.</p>
<p class="sub"><em>So <a href="">install NuGet</a> and get a jump on your next project!</em></p>
<a class="install" href="">Install NuGet</a>
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<section class="release">
<h2>NuGet 1.8 Released</h2>
Take 5 minutes and UPGRADE NOW using the Visual Studio Extension Manager. Why? Because there's a pile of new features and it will
make your life easier! All these details and <a href="">more here...</a>
<strong>NOTE: </strong>If you encounter an error while upgrading from an older version of NuGet you will need to uninstall the
older version of NuGet first (Tip: Make sure to run Visual Studio as an admin) then install NuGet 1.8. We are sorry for any
inconvenience this might cause, more info can be found in the <a href="">release notes</a>.
<section class="info">
<p>When you use NuGet to install a package, it copies the library files to your solution and automatically updates your project
(add references, change config files, etc.). If you remove a package, NuGet reverses whatever changes it made so that no clutter is left.</p>
<h3>Important Notice</h3>
<p>You can develop your own package and share it via the NuGet Gallery. Read the documentation for more details on
<a title="Creating and submitting a package" href="">how to
create and publish a package</a>. If you don&rsquo;t plan on submitting a package, there&rsquo;s no need to register.</p>
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