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namespace NuGetGallery.Migrations
using System.Data.Entity.Migrations;
public partial class PackageIndexes : DbMigration
public override void Up()
// Used by VS search.
Sql(@"Create NonClustered Index IX_Package_Search On [dbo].[Packages] ([IsLatestStable],[IsLatest],[Listed],[IsPrerelease])
Include ([Key],[PackageRegistrationKey],[Description],[Summary],[Tags])");
// Used in the package page
Sql(@"Create NonClustered Index IX_PackageDependencies On [dbo].[PackageDependencies] ([PackageKey])
Include ([Key])");
// Used for paging and sorting results
CreateIndex(table: "Packages", columns: new[] { "PackageRegistrationKey", "Version" }, unique: true, name: "IX_Package_Version");
// Adding an index on the package Id in PackageRegistrations
Sql(@"Create Unique Index IX_PackageRegistration_Id on [dbo].[PackageRegistrations] (DownloadCount desc, Id asc)
Include ([Key])");
public override void Down()
DropIndex(table: "Packages", name: "IX_Package_Search");
DropIndex(table: "PackageDependencies", name: "IX_PackageDependencies");
DropIndex(table: "Packages", name: "IX_Package_Version");
DropIndex(table: "PackageRegistrations", name: "IX_PackageRegistration_Id");
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