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Commits on Dec 16, 2013
  1. @bhuvak


    bhuvak authored
Commits on Dec 10, 2013
  1. @johnataylor
  2. @johnataylor
  3. @johnataylor

    full fix

    johnataylor authored
  4. @johnataylor
Commits on Dec 9, 2013
  1. @anurse
  2. @anurse

    Merge branch 'master' into qa

    anurse authored
  3. @anurse
  4. @zippy1981 @anurse

    Improved Readme file

    zippy1981 authored anurse committed
  5. @anurse
  6. @anurse

    Fix #1773 and #1778 by tweaking text

    anurse authored
  7. @anurse

    Merge pull request #1781 from NuGet/bhuvak-reportabuse-1724

    anurse authored
    Combined error message in ReportAbuse
  8. @bhuvak
  9. @anurse

    Merge pull request #1774 from NuGet/bhuvak-loadtests

    anurse authored
    Merging load tests to the functional tests
  10. @anurse

    Merge pull request #1769 from NuGet/bhuvak-reportabusevalidationmessa…

    anurse authored
    Fixed error message in ReportMypackage form
  11. @anurse

    Merge pull request #1747 from NuGet/anurse/1670-webmatrixcurationfixes

    anurse authored
    Fix #1670 by improving WebMatrix curation
  12. @anurse

    Merge pull request #1746 from NuGet/anurse/1679-cleanuplatestmarker

    anurse authored
    Fix #1679 by cleaning up the latest markers
  13. @anurse

    Address review feedback

    anurse authored
  14. @anurse
  15. @anurse

    Fix merge conflict

    anurse authored
  16. @anurse

    Merge pull request #1744 from NuGet/anurse/1680-moresigninfeedback

    anurse authored
    Fix #1680 by tweaking the thanks page
  17. @anurse

    Merge pull request #1743 from NuGet/anurse/1682-checkboguspackages

    anurse authored
    Fix #1682 by adding some additional validation
  18. @anurse

    Merge branch 'anurse/1729-packageupdate'

    anurse authored
  19. @anurse

    Merge branch 'anurse/minorbuildtweaks'

    anurse authored
  20. @anurse
Commits on Dec 6, 2013
  1. @bhuvak

    Modifications to load test

    bhuvak authored
  2. @bhuvak

    Merge pull request #1768 from NuGet/bhuvak-JsonStatsFix-1720

    bhuvak authored
    Avoid flooding elmah logs with stats related errors
  3. @claycompton

    Merge pull request #1776 from NuGet/staging

    claycompton authored
    Staging -> Master
  4. @anurse

    Merge branch 'qa'

    anurse authored
  5. Set the startup project

    Jeff Handley authored
  6. @bhuvak
  7. @bhuvak
Commits on Dec 5, 2013
  1. @anurse

    Merge pull request #1765 from pranavkm/NuGet_Restore

    anurse authored
    Updating NuGet restore to use package restore mechanism from NuGet 2.7
  2. @anurse
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