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Cannot upload developmentDependency packages to #1867

benquarmby opened this Issue Feb 1, 2014 · 4 comments

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Just upgraded JSLintNet.MSBuild to NuGet 2.8 and marked it as a development only dependency using the new <developmentDependency> flag (see

Unfortunately I cannot upload it to I assume this is because it's still using the NuGet 2.7 nuspec parser, which doesn't recognize the new <developmentDependency> element.

It's throwing the following error after attempting to upload:
Failed to read the package file.

P.S. JSLint.NET for MSBuild is a code quality tool not a library dependency, so the "development only" flag is important.

Edit: Attached screen from NuGet Package Explorer 3.8.1 to show that the package is actually valid.


Oh dear!

NuGet member
anurse commented Feb 1, 2014

Sorry about that! We'll try to get a fix for this out ASAP.

@anurse anurse closed this in #1870 Feb 4, 2014

Thank you. Any idea when this change will be live?

NuGet member
anurse commented Feb 4, 2014

Should be live later this week

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