Optimize feed format for usage in RSS Readers #541

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(copied from http://nuget.codeplex.com/workitem/2399)


Some people, like me, consume the Nuget feed in their Rss reader, to stay on top of things. I also do this for Python with the PyPi feed. But with Nuget I can not tap on a feed item to directly visit the package gallery page. If I want to know more about a package I have to remember the name and enter it on the Nuget site manually. It would be a great convenience feature. PyPi does that very well.


Currently no standard rss reader is able to read the rss feed published by nuget gallery. The xml seems to follow a quite exotic convention. Would it be possible to make it readable by classic enterprise rss readers such as outlook ?


This issue is more than 2 years old - currently I can´t find any usage of RSS Feeds inside the Gallery. Was the idea to get a feed per NuGet Package (e.g. a EF Package NuGet Feed) where each new version is a new RSS entry?


Closing this out as we don't want to invest further in API feeds that consume data directly from the database.

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