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GetUpdates() accepts version constraint information #558

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Referring to bug:

It would be good for perf if we can have GetUpdates() accept version constraint. That way we can return the correct update versions without doing the filtering on the client.

@ghost ghost was assigned

Taking on this one.


Verifying this will require looking at the feed itself for the data. Talk to @dotnetjunky for info.

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This got missed in testing, we're yanking it from this deployment and will pull it in to the next deployment for sure.


I have few questions:
1. I agree it would improve perf but how will this work with a package from unc share if the logic to filter out the version constraint is on server side? May be we need it at both ends. So if request is going to server there is a perf improvement but for a unc it would be client doing the filter.
2. for update-package from PMC the request is'jquery', so if done at server side this end point should also support filtering out?

  1. Yes, we're doing exactly that. For local repository, we have to filter on clients.
  2. The update-package from PMC is currently doing client filtering. that's why it's not susceptible to the client bug. I'll fix it for 2.4. Please file a bug. :)
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