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Some packages incorrectly shown as "Unlisted" under Manage My Packages #571

mgravell opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Under /account/Packages, some of my packages are incorrectly shown as "Unlisted Packages". This is incorrect; they are listed and work fine from the nuget client.

For clarity, there is a mixture of listed and unlisted versions for these packages, but that is also the case for some of the packages that show as published, so that is not a distinguishing feature.


Note that BookSleeve and FastMember show as Unlisted. Both have current and active published versions, and both work from the nuget client.


Same issue for me.

@bhuvak bhuvak was assigned

@bhuvak is going to take a look at some various cases to narrow down a repro and we'll look in to fixing this.


Ping me if you want a repro, I own several packages. All pacakges in my 'listed' category have all versions of the package listed (except one odd-man-out). All packages in the 'unlisted' category have at least one unlisted version.


I've got the same issue on my side. First release of a package was unlisted, subsequent packages are listed.

Expected behaviour: If I list at least one of the released packages, the package should not appear in the Unlisted Packages list. If I choose to "hide" the package by unlisting all versions, only then should I see it in the Unlisted Packages category.

Actual behaviour: I need to list all packages, which is not desirable.

These package IDs are a good example:

  • Code52.i18n.MVC3
  • Code52.i18n.MVC3.Sample.Razor
  • Code52.i18n.MVC4
  • Code52.i18n.MVC4.Sample.Razor

Let me know if you need any more info.

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