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Inconsistencies in "View package content" page and Package home page #627

bhuvak opened this Issue · 3 comments

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  2. The package home page displays all the meta data related to the package.
  3. Click on "View package content".

Expected: User can see additional package content related details.

Actual : The package meta data ( most of which is already available in the previous page ) is shown along with the package contents.

Impact : Is displaying the package meta data really needed in the "View Package content" page ? It looks redundant and cause inconsistency issues.
For example :
1. The dependencies are shown as Hyperlinks in the home page where as in content page it is not shown as hyper link.
2. The "Author" and "owner" field as present as hyper links in the home page where as it is plain text in "View package contents" . Also the "owner" names has profile images shown in home page which is not the case in "package contents" page. Same for "Tags"

Precisely, showing redundant meta data in "View package content" page doesn't serve much purpose and it is inconsistent. We shall have some thing like "Additional meta data" which would just show what ever is missing in home page.


Adding to the above listed
1. "View License terms " and "Package Information" links are also not needed in the "View Package content" page.
As they are available in the package home page with different captions "License" and "Project site" respectively.
2. Owner names are different in both pages for many packages. Addressed in #626

Either we shall remove redundant data from "View package content" and so only the "Additional meta data" or we shall make details look consistent in both pages.


It doesn't hurt to show all the metadata in the "View Package content" page. It puts all the information at one place, rather than splitting in two places.

The idea is that we allow people to bookmark this page, or share the url with others. Then when one navigates to the url, he will see all the data at one convenient place.

Regarding the inconsistency between two pages, we can make it inconsistent. That's small matter.


Agreed. As long as we can make them consistent, it would be fine to show them in two places.
Especially, if that is the page we expect folks to book mark and look up for all info, it would be good to make "Author" , "owner" , "tags" , "dependencies" as hyperlinks - on similar lines as the package home page.

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