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Use case of "Download file" link on package contents page is not clear #629

bhuvak opened this Issue · 2 comments

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  1. The "Download file" link on the Package contents link let syou to easily download a specific file from a package.
  2. But what are the use cases around providing this link ?
  3. As a package author, I want users to "View contents" of my package and download(install ) the whole package and not individual files.
  4. "Download file" is confusing because a. It doesnt add to the "Download count" of my package. b. Also if there is a EULA that need to be accepted, it doesnt come in to picture while downloading individual files.
  5. When we have blocked " Downloading whole package" from gallery, letting the users to download individual files doesnt make much sense and it might not be what most of the package authors would want.

This is a really, really good point. It could lead to people downloading EntityFramework.dll, saving it to their machine, and adding a reference to that.

I have to vote to remove the link to download the file.

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