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View twitter shares doesnt work properly #638

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Right now we include the scheme in the URL we give Twitter. This causes this problem and also means there is a difference between and httpS://, which is bad.

  1. Post twitter messages for a package from preview.nuget.Org.
  2. The "no of tweets" button on packages page gets updated after a long time.
    Guess, its not in our control and that's how the tweeter plugin behaves.

  3. Once it updates the number say to "2" , clicking on that takes me to twitter search result for "" and the search always returns 0 results.
    This also looks like some issue on twitter side, but it is a really required info.
    As an end user, I would be interested in seeing what people have shared about this page.


One option would be to collect the social sharing numbers with a background worker for http/https (e.g. a Web Job) and store it inside the database.
With such a background job in place the nuget gallery would not need to include the Twitter/Facebook Javascript files - which is better for performance and privacy. On example of such a "customized" social sharing links would be this (German) news site:


  • Background-Job (could also be inside the NuGet Gallery)
  • Storage inside the database

What do you think?

NuGet member

Yeah... it could definitely work (in our case it would have to live in the NuGet.Services.Work repo). I'm not sure we're seeing a huge demand for the feature though.

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