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Dot "." on the end of login name breaks #655

mswietlicki opened this Issue · 4 comments

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I registered on the with user name "tj." and now i have problems with urls e.g.

The easiest fix would be to change my user name and block ability to register user name with ".".

thanks in advance.


As there is no reaction to my issue I created my fork and started working on fixing this myself.
Wish me luck :)


Good luck :)


OK, so this is that I learned:
In current version you cannot create user with dot on the end. Someone already fix it. So there is nothing for me to add, maybe only change user name feature ;)
But this doesn't fix my issue.
To fix my problem someone with access to database needs to run this script:

USE [NuGetGallery]
IF NOT EXISTS (SELECT [Username] FROM [dbo].[Users] where [Username] = 'mswietlicki')
    UPDATE [dbo].[Users] SET [Username] = 'mswietlicki' WHERE [Username] = 'tj.'

Thanks in advance


Contacted you via email to request confirmation of the username change.

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