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Change search relevance to prioritize recent popularity #661

TimLovellSmith opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Searching for "Flib UI" I naturally expected that the first result would be the FLib.UI package.

However, what actually wins as top result is JQuery, which doesn't contain the word flib anywhere in its description, but does mention UI in the package description.

I suspect that this is either because we are over-biasing search towards packages with 50,000 downloads, or because we are parsing 'FLib' in some interesting way which means flib wasn't matching.


Great to have this logged as an issue! I too figured it was just because "UI" matches and there are a ton of downloads. If a match doesn't have some of the words in my search, I expect that to get lowered in the results significantly (or perhaps eliminated unless there are too few matches).


Scheduling. Scott Hanselman brought up another thread which highlights this issue. A new package for ASP.NET WebForms Scaffolding is virtually impossible to find in search results. Again download count boost algorithm seems like a large part of the problem.

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Search sucks #871

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Will be done in NuGet/NuGetApi#8

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