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Title field may be being underweighted in search indexing, and also be broken for phrase querying #668

TimLovellSmith opened this Issue · 1 comment

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This is an unverified issue from reviewing existing code. But maybe we can find some examples where it affets results.

In the indexer we represent the Title field not as a single field, but as many fields, one per parsed term. We also apply a boost of 0.9 to each field.

According to this doc on lucene default similarity implementation:

"If the document has multiple fields with the same name, all their boosts are multiplied together: "

A probably unintended consequence is that our boost for title field will get exponentially smaller as the number of title terms increase.

Additionally we probably won't be able to search for a phrase like "JQuery UI" using quotes, since it's stored as two separate fields JQuery and UI, with no position relationship to each other.


Addressed by #671

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