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Haacked and others added some commits Jul 10, 2012
@Haacked Haacked Merge pull request #545 from NuGet/misc-tweaks
Misc tweaks
@AnthonyCarl AnthonyCarl Allow caching of Nuget packages using package Hash as ETag 909e541
@AnthonyCarl AnthonyCarl Added AllowCachingOfPackage flag to set wether a FileStorageService a…
…llows caching of packages
@AnthonyCarl AnthonyCarl Remove using spam 59bbcd5
@pranavkm pranavkm * Modifying GetPackages to always return listed packages
* Modifying stats to only consider package registrations with at least one
  listed package
@pranavkm pranavkm * Modifying Lucene to store latest and latest stable packages for
  prerelease filtering
* Fixing bug where using multiple IndexWriters would lock the index
* Improving search perf by adding boosts to fields at index time
* Removing the need to recreate index by updating the index when
  aggregate download counts are updated.
@pranavkm pranavkm Modifying feed service to use Lucene search 5aee8b7
@pranavkm pranavkm Work Item #405: Use Gravatar's secure URL when using SSL. d79a2c8

Sad panda we should fix the helper :) But looks good :shipit:




@osbornm Like you'd ever get the lazy-ass owner of that code to ever fix that bug :p


I know there are hosts (AppHarbor for instance) where IsSecureConnection will be false because of being behind a reverse proxy, but if someone else who hosts the gallery is affected, they can issue a pull request to make this code still work in those cases.

pranavkm added some commits Jul 17, 2012
@pranavkm pranavkm Tweak request filtering to allow specific file extensions for ~/packages
and ~/api/vX/package paths
Work Item: #519
@pranavkm pranavkm Minor bug fixes:
* Work Item #447: Use Published Date instead of last updated date in the
  package display
* Store null values in the Download stats pag*
* Work Item #465: Allow at most 5 tags per package

Will these changes be reflected in the public API? If yes, this sounds like a breaking change for many NuGet consumers out there.


No, we'll continue pushing both those dates in our feed. That said this value is modified by the gallery when any metadata for a package changes. For instance, when you pushed a newer version of the package, the last updated value for both the current latest and the newly uploaded packages is set to the current time.

This change makes this a little less confusing - See #447

pranavkm added some commits Aug 2, 2012
@pranavkm pranavkm Ensure curated feed matches V2Feed's behavior
* Refactoring V2CuratedFeed to derive from V2Feed
* Refactoring FeedServiceBase to allow better code sharing
* Fixing a bug in curated feed where duplicate entries are returned by it.
@pranavkm pranavkm Search throws if no filter is specified. 699a17a

Shouldn't this be "Web.ForbiddenHandlers.config" ?


Woops. Thanks for noticing this.



anurse commented Aug 14, 2012


@pranavkm pranavkm closed this Aug 23, 2012
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