#612 Added ConfirmEmailAddress to RegisterRequest #983

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This commit adds an extra confirm email field to the register page. Sorry for not commenting on the issue before looking at it, but just wanted to see if I could get all this pull-request stuff going :)

Feel free to decline, if the solution is not satisfactory.

Ahh, need this: Fix #612


anurse commented Mar 31, 2013

Thanks for the contribution! We'll take a look at it for the sprint we're starting on Monday (excellent timing, we're right at the start of a sprint :P)


anurse commented Apr 26, 2013

We decided not to take this specific fix, but you got us to start a big discussion on the subject of sign-in :). I think we've got a better solution in the following:

  1. No confirm prompts
  2. As soon as you've registered, you're signed in
  3. No need to confirm email just to log-in, confirmation is required for pushing packages
  4. If you mistype your email, you can still log in using your password and change it
  5. If you lose both, contact support (we'll have a clear process for that).

anurse closed this Apr 26, 2013

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