Template and rescources for writing a NuGrid paper.
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NuGrid Paper Repo

The NuGrid Paper Repo is available from GitHub NuGrid organization


This directory contains the new NuGrid paper Latex template. It is based on the layout created by Ed Brown for the MESA paper. It is provided so that NuGrid papers can be written by an author team, using the same Latex style and thereby leading to an internally consistent manuscript. New papers can re-use the .bib files and macros from existing papers so that there is further consistency.

This repo contains paper_resources directory which contains a macros and a bib diredctory. These contain latex macro files and *.bib files and should be used for each paper. Additions should be made to these shared macro and bib files. For MNRAS and AAS journals there are separate template directories, paper_mnras and paper_aas. Each contains a ready-to-use paper.tex template that imports the resources from paper_resources.


Make sure you are insude the Paper repo, and that you have mounted the CANFAR VOspace if you want to use the figure example:

mountvofs --readonly --cache_dir=/tmp/vosCache --cache_limit=2000 --mountpoint=/tmp/nugrid --vospace=vos:nugrid
cd paper_template/figs/figure_template/
jupyter notebook example_figures.ipynb

In the notebook use the Cell $\rightarrow$ Run All menu option to execute the notebook and make the image files. Then

cd ../..

This should produce the pdf file paper.pdf.

Additional information

  1. Clone the Paper repo and start writing in the paper_template dir using the paper.tex template.
  2. Rename Paper repo to some project name and associate with appropriate remote repository to share with collaborators.
  3. It is recommended to keep the paper_resources dir with your paper repo until the paper is finished, and then add any useful changes you may have made to the paper_resources to the Paper repo. When starting a new paper, always start with a new copy of Paper repo.
  4. Data: Data pertaining to the paper should be deposited on the NuGrid CANFAR VOspace, ideally associated with a DOI. The DOI can be requested from CANFAR, by emailing to them (cc fherwig@uvic.ca).
  5. Figures: It is recommended to keep the final notebook that generates a figure to be shown in the paper in a directory with the Paper repo. An example is available: paper_template/figs/figure_template. In this way anyone, including yourself (!) can later reproduce these plots, or make similar ones with little effort.
  6. Bibliography: All references should go into one of the .bib files. *.bib files can be found and maintained in paper_resources/bib. ADS gives access to the bibtex record for every article.
  7. Symbols, units, etc.: are standardized in the paper_resources/macros directory. Rather than adding new commands to individual LaTeX files, please put all definitions in. Note that for many things there are already macros. In particular note the way we write isotopes (see nuclides.tex). The point of the NuGrid Latex framework is to homogenize the Latex document appearance, and using only one macro for each task is the most important way in which to enable efficient collaborative writing.
  8. Notes: for material not destined for the text of the paper, such as planning documents, use the paper_template/notes directory.
  9. There is a Makefile and/or basic compile scripts (mk and clean) to construct the paper from sources and to clean up the auxiliary files.



Thank you to Ed Brown for permission to use the initial version of this template, and to Aaron Dotter for adopting it for to the NuGrid collaboration. Updates by Ondrea Clarkson. Updates by Falk Herwig to aastex v6.11.