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The HDF5 framework for MESA

This is the new implementation of HDF5 support for MESA based on the former SE format. It provides mppnp compatibility.


You must have successfully installed a release of MESA.

Latest version of the MESA code on which this implementation has been tested: 10398.


Once MESA has been installed:

  • copy the run_star_extras.f and mesa_hdf5_*.inc files located in the src folder into the src folder in your work directory
  • clean, compile, and enjoy!


The file contains the different setup parameters of the HDF5 outputs. You can modify them as you wish, but remember to clean and recompile for your changes to be applied.


If you would like to run an example, you can use the inlist and columns files located in the test folder.


Jean-Claude Passy

Falk Herwig

Samuel Jones


Copyright (c) 2014 - 2018, NuGrid Team. All rights reserved.


BSD-3-Clause (see