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NuMoney Developer's Guide - API Documentation


NuMoney Exchange provides a state-of-art GraphQL API for developers to programatically perfrom almost all actions available from our web interface.

The API allows developers to perform the following actions and more:

  • Get available market pairs
  • Get order book depth information
  • Get available Funds
  • Create new order
  • Get current open orders
  • Get trade history
  • Fund withdrawl


Getting Started

  • General
  • Authentication
  • Sample Clients (Node/Python)


If you are new to GraphQL, here is a quick tutorial on GraphQL to get started: GraphQL Tutorial - Queries

NuMoney has also provided an interactive query interface where you can try out our API, it is recommended to experiment in our sandbox interactive API.

In order to use the sandbox, it is required to sign up an additional sandbox account. Click here to sign up a new account on the sandbox site.

Here's a table of available links.

Home Interactive API
Main Site
Sandbox Site

Additionally, you may peek a quick reference of the API using the Documentation Explorer, by clicking the Docs buttion in the up-right corner on the Interactive API page.


API keys

NuMoney Exchange offers an easy to method to manage API keys, you can have multiple keys for the same account. After logging in, New keys can be generated at More->API Keys. Please DO NOT reveal your keys to anyone since others can have full control of your account once obtaining your API keys.

HTTP Signature

Except public queries, private HTTP queries related to user account has to be signed according to draft-cavage-http-signatures-09, a reference design is provided in HTTP_Signature.js

Sample Clients

To save you sometime, we are providing sample implementations of NuMoney Exchange Client in Python and Node.js.

NMX-PY: NuMoney Client in Python

NMX-JS: NuMoney Client in Node.js

Developer FAQ

Q: How much is the rate limit?

A: Short answer: it depends on how complex is your query, from 1 to 10,000 per minute. For a long answer, please refer to this explaination here Rate limit on NuMoney Exchange.

Q: Will NuMoney Exchange be supported in ccxt library?

A: We are planning to develop a ccxt compliant client, more updates soon.


If you have any questions or would like to know more about NuMoney Exchange, feel free join us at:

NuMoney Dev Telegram group