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This document covers basic upgrade notes for major ENiGMA½ version updates.

Before Upgrading

  • Always back up your system!
  • At least back up the db directory and your menu.hjson (or renamed equivalent)

General Notes

Upgrades often come with changes to the default menu.hjson. It is wise to use a different file name for your BBS's version of this file and point to it via config.hjson. For example:

general: {
	menuFile: my_bbs.hjson

After updating code, use a program such as DiffMerge to merge in updates to my_bbs.hjson from the shipping menu.hjson.

Upgrading the Code

Upgrading from GitHub is easy:

cd /path/to/enigma-bbs
git pull
rm -rf npm_modules # do this any time you update Node.js itself
npm install


Report your issue on Xibalba BBS, hop in #enigma-bbs on Freenet and chat, or file a issue on GitHub.

0.0.7-alpha to 0.0.8-alpha

ENiGMA 0.0.8-alpha comes with some structure changes:

  • Configuration files are defaulted to ./config. Related, the --config option now points to a configuration directory
  • ./mods/art has been moved to ./art/general
  • ./mods is now reserved for actual user addon modules
  • Themes have been moved from ./mods/themes to ./art/themes

With the change to the ./mods directory, @systemModule is now implied for module declarations in menu.hjson. To use a user module in ./mods you must specify @userModule!

With the above changes, you'll need to to at least:

  • Move your ~/.config/enigma-bbs/config.hjson to ./config/config.hjson or utlize the --config option.
  • Move your prompt.hjson and menu.hjson (e.g. myboardname.hjson) to ./config
  • Move any non-theme art files, and theme directories to their appropriate locations mentioned above
  • Move any module directories such as message_post_evt to ./mods/
  • Move any certificates, pub/private keys, etc. from ./misc to ./config
  • Specify user modules as @userModule:my_module_name

0.0.6-alpha to 0.0.7-alpha

No issues

0.0.5-alpha to 0.0.6-alpha

No issues

0.0.4-alpha to 0.0.5-alpha

No issues

0.0.1-alpha to 0.0.4-alpha

Node.js 6.x+ LTS is now required

You will need to upgrade Node.js to 6.x+. If using nvm (you should be!) the process will go something like this:

nvm install 6
nvm alias default 6


Newly written code will use ES6 and a lot of code has started the migration process. Of note is the MenuModule class. If you have created a mod that inherits from MenuModule, you will need to upgrade your class to ES6.

Manual Database Upgrade

A few upgrades need to be made to your SQLite databases:

rm db/file.sqltie3 # safe to delete this time as it was not used previously
sqlite3 db/message.sqlite
sqlite> INSERT INTO message_fts(message_fts) VALUES('rebuild');

Archiver Changes

If you have overridden or made additions to archivers in your config.hjson you will need to update them. See Archive Configuration and core/config.js

File Base Configuration

As 0.0.4-alpha contains file bases, you'll want to create a suitable configuration if you wish to use the feature. See File Base Configuration.