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New version with checks for battery level and if NO$GBA footer is not appended to nand image, but replaces it's end(it is possible mistake and such image works in emulator!).

  • Regular version is built with last devkitARM/libnds and contains DSi extended header, so it won't work on exploited games/apps that use non-updated minitwlpayload(4swordshax and ugopwn).
  • Legacy version is built with devkitARM r45 / libnds 1.5.12 and has standart header, so it should work on any payload.

But if normal version works for you - legacy version should not be used, because updates of toolchain may be made something work better.
As always it is not through tested(but once again - i didn't touch actual writng code), so use with caution!
No warranty!

@Nuck-TH Nuck-TH released this Aug 9, 2017 · 2 commits to master since this release

Assets 3

Build of fwtool with checks for file size and presence of encryption.
For now doesn't work with minitwlpayload(4swordshax and ugopwn), because of extended dsi header and probably some other reasons.
It is not through tested, so use at you own risk!
You have been warned, no warranty!