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Nucleus v3

This project is no longer active. You are welcome to fork under the terms of the MIT licence under a different name.

For version 1, the legacy version for Sponge API 7.1 (Minecraft 1.12), see the tag "S7.1-v1-FINAL".
For version 2, the current version for Sponge API 7.3 (Minecraft 1.12), see the branch "v2/S7".

Licence: MIT (except for the Nucleus logo, which is all rights reserved, and any third party shaded code)

Nucleus is a Sponge plugin that forms a solid base for your server, providing essential commands, events, and other tidbits that you might need. Extremely configurable, only loading up the commands and modules you want (and providing a way for plugins to disable modules that they replace the functionality of), and providing a simple and rich API, Nucleus is an elite plugin for providing simple server tasks, and an essential addition to your server!


Are you a talented programmer wanting to contribute some code? Perhaps someone who likes to write documentation? Do you have a bug that you want to report? Or perhaps you have an idea for a cool new idea that would fit in with Nucleus? We'd be grateful for your contributions - we're an open community that appreciates any help you are willing to give!

  • Read our guidelines.
  • Open an issue if you have a bug to report, or a pull request with your changes.

Getting and Building Nucleus

Nucleus currently uses Gradle 7.3.3 and is compiled using JDK 17 (but to a Java 8 target).

To get a copy of the Nucleus source, ensure you have Git installed, and run the following commands from a command prompt or terminal:

  1. git clone
  2. cd Nucleus
  3. cp scripts/pre-commit .git/hooks

To build Nucleus, navigate to the source directory and run either:

  • ./gradlew build on UNIX and UNIX like systems (including macOS and Linux)
  • gradlew build on Windows systems

You will find the compiled JAR which will be named like Nucleus-[version]-plugin.jar in output/. A corresponding API and javadocs jar will also exist.

Building against the Nucleus API

Nucleus is available via a Maven repository.

  • Repo:
  • Group ID: io.github.nucleuspowered
  • Artifact Name: nucleus-api

The versioning follows version[-SNAPSHOT|-ALPHAn|-BETAn|-RCn], where n is an integer. Add the -SNAPSHOT section for the latest snapshot.

You can also get Nucleus as a whole this way, but internals may break at any time. The API is guaranteed to be more stable.

You can also use JitPack as a repository, if you prefer.

Third Party Libraries

The compiled Nucleus plugin includes the following libraries (with their licences in parentheses):

  • Vavr 1.0-alpha-4 (Apache 2.0)

See for more details.