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Terminal Hero

Linux society's response to Microsoft's Guitar Hero. :)


This game is written in Perl language, so it depends on perl interpreter. It also needs libtermkey and some extra Perl modules:

  • Term::ReadKey
  • Term::TermKey
  • POE
  • POE::Wheel::TermKey

If you don't know how to install Perl modules, look at How to install CPAN modules. If you have problems with installation of Term::TermKey, make sure that libtermkey is available in your operating system. If not - Installing Term::TermKey returns error should help you.

To install Terminal Hero type in your shell:

perl Makefile.PL
make install


Usage: terminalhero [options]

-e, --easy       turn on easy mode
-h, --help       display this help

Ctrl+D or Esc    exit

Press keys with letters which are in the green area.
Your score will increase if you do it well and decrease 
if you press wrong key. You can also lose health points 
and lifes if the letters turns red. 

You will reach new levels every 64 points.
Each level is a new line, so it is going harder.

Now go and play! :)